How much will it cost to make my Custom Thing?

The quick answer to that is our standard shop rate is $70/hr plus materials.

The long answer is that there are many factors that determine a project cost – it’s best if you get in touch with the most amount of detail you can provide (dimensions, functionality, artistry wanted, desired materials, timeline, and budget) and we can evaluate how much work will be involved and provide you with a price estimate. At this time all of our pricing is in Canadian Dollars. (It’s a great time to buy Canadian Made, regardless if you are Canadian or purchasing from abroad!)

Please be mindful of a few things;

  • “but it’ll only take a few minutes to weld!” does not account for planning, sourcing, prep, fit, & finishing, which is the majority of the building process.

  • The custom, local, handmade version of your Custom Thing will not be cheaper than the Version of Thing You Can Buy Online.


How long will it take to make my Custom Thing?

The quick answer as of August 2017 is that we are working on a 8-12 week lead time from time of deposit to delivery, but do have some availability reserved for time-sensitive repairs or projects.

The long answer is that again there are many factors which determine the timeline of a project – and it’s best if you can get in touch with the most amount of details you can provide, and we will let you know from there.


Why should I even bother buying a Custom Thing anyway?

There’s only a long answer for this one – aside from supporting local economy and keeping craftsmanship alive in a world of online warehouses and flat-pack furniture, the ‘tailored suit’ analogy works very well here.  You can buy suits off the rack your entire life, and while it’s ok for the most part, it will never be the same as a custom suit made for you. Maybe the piece off the rack fits ok but could be longer in the legs, will wear out or the mass produced seams come loose, and you really wish the pockets were one inch deeper and there was an extra one sewn inside.  It’s made on a production line in a factory by machines, or over-worked people treated like machines, where high profit margin is top of mind over quality control.

The tailored suit is handmade for you - it fits like a dream, never gets that weird bunchy feeling in the arms, has perfectly sized pockets, and the finish of the buttons is exactly how you like it.

 Now apply that same thought to your Custom Thing – the bicycle that would be perfect if it was only slightly longer and had and extra bottle mount and clearance for fenders. The table that would look amazing in the corner of your office if it was just a little bit shorter to fit under the windowsill and had a hidden tray to hold all the tablet pieces your cat keeps knocking to the floor. All the wasted square footage of storage space in rooms with slanted ceilings, behind door frames, below the bulkhead in the kitchen... what would you do with that space if you could create the perfect piece for it? 

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